For over thirty years, non-profit, community-owned Living at Home/Block Nurse Programs have helped elders stay healthy, safe and independent while living in their own homes. In turn, these communities have been made stronger by the continued contributions of their elders.  The Living At Home Network is the·resource center that supports these community efforts and works to extend the program model to new neighborhoods, towns and cities.
If you need elder services, want to start a Program in your community, support this Program with your gift, volunteer or just want to learn more, we welcome your contact and look forward to getting to know you.



Special Project: Helping Seniors with Hearing Loss Stay Connected


Local LAHN programs working together as part of a Community Service/Services Development Grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services developed "Hear Ye, Hear Me", a project designed to help seniors with hearing loss stay connected.  Their Guide to establishing a Hearing Assistance Program in Your community is available at the link below.

DOWNLOAD: The Guide to Establishing a Hearing Assistance· Program in your Community (PDF)


Local Programs Provide Elder Services

Local Living at Home/Block Nurse Programs are located in both urban and rural areas. The Programs organize neighbors within communities to offer whatever assistance is needed to help seniors continue living in their homes for as long as possible. Click on the Program Locator link to see contact information for your local program.

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- Map of Minneapolis programs
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- Map of programs in Greater Minnesota

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News From Around the Network

LAHN Programs Provide Valuable Services

The Living At Home Network's 39 community based programs assist older people to continue living in their own homes as long as possible by providing services taylored to the needs of the individual their community. During fiscal year 2012, our programs provided Advocacy and Care Coordination services to over 3000 seniors. Using a mix of paid staff and volunteers, our programs provided these seniors...

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